Welcome to the ChoYou Activity Calendar

This calendar provides you with an overview of globally and regionally scheduled events, deadlines, activities etc in order to allow us, as a team to better understand schedules and to better plan communications, both in France and in the USA.

Scheduling your Events or Activities 

It is vital that each member of ChoYou enters details concerning their projects into the ChoYou Activity Calendar in parallel to Salesforce. This gives us a global view of what is going on, and who is involved on a day to day basis. 

In 5 easy steps: 

1. You have the option of choosing the sector in which the activity is based from the list below:

  • Event
  • Web/Creation/Design
  • Innovation Tour
  • Proposal 
  • Prints to be delivered
  • Videos to be done
  • Other

2. You will be invited to choose the Client, or create a New Client accordingly. 

3. You will be invited to add a short description of the activity, along with location and targeted margin, as well as indicating the Project Managers involved, and whether travel is to be expected.

4. You will be invited to indicate the date on which the activity is taking place.

5. You will be invited to share the corresponding Salesforce Link along with any other documents or attachments you may think important or relevant..( Budgets, Powerpoint Presentations etc). 

Once submitted, your activity will appear in the ChoYou Activity Calendar. 

Keeping the Calendar up to date is crucial in allowing us to have a better view of ChoYou activities. 

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